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Collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste

Sepor performs multiple support services for ships and terminals in the Port of La Spezia. Particular importance is given to the daily collection of solid waste from ships which, in compliance with the current legislation, must dispose their on-board waste.

In particular, Sepor:

  • With its motorboats for the solid waste collection carries out the daily service of collection, sterilization (through its own plants) and subsequent delivery to the landfill of the garbage produced by ships stationed at the terminal or moored in interal waters of the Port of La Spezia.
  • With its barges and tugs, it collects the contaminated water coming from the bilges, black and gray tanks and the tanks of the ships stationed and in transit in the Port of La Spezia. These contaminated water are then disposed in the water treatment facility owned by the company.

Furthermore, Sepor executes its waste collection, transport, recovery/disposal services for La Spezia Military Navy base, for various shipyards, for various municipal entities and various mechanical, oil, electricity and cement companies across all the country.

At the request of the client, the company is able to integrate the waste management service with the rental of mobile skips (both in ADR and non-ADR) for the temporary storage of liquid and solid waste directly at the client’s plant.

The waste management cycle ends with the recovery/disposal of the waste at the proprietary treatment plant or at authorized external plants with which Sepor has established partnership agreements with.