Tank Cleaning

Over the years Sepor has establish itself as a leading company in the field of cleaning tanks and counts the most important Italian industries amongst its customers. In addition to the classic tank cleaning operations (i.e. emptying, washing and issuing of a gas free certificate), Sepor is able to provide its customers accessory services such as: packaging, transport and disposal of the waste produced, the cold cutting of part of the shell and plants, vertical wall washing, fluidification of the contents by means of a mobile system, volumetric reduction of sludge by means of a mobile system, nitrogen purging of the tank, partial or total demolition of the product itself.

Sepor utilizes the latest technologies that minimize the need for personnel to directly enter tanks

Our systems are designed to reduce waste and maximize material recovery through efficient cleaning and separation processes. This protects worker safety while improving environmental and financial outcomes.
Key assets in our portfolio include:

  • A sludge fluidization system capable of processing tanks up to 120,000m3 in diameter remotely.
  • A robotic crawler that extracts sludge from tank floors without the need for confined space entry.
  • A robotic wall washer for vertically cleaning tank interiors from the outside.
  • Explosion-proof decanting centrifuges that separate materials inside hazardous zones.
  • An advanced 3-phase centrifuge able to separate 3 layers of material while operating in hazardous environments.

By leveraging cutting-edge automation, Sepor protects workers from safety hazards and produces optimal results for recycling valuable resources.

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