Port Reception Facility in La Spezia

Sepor port reception facility, inaugurated in February 2021 is located in Molo Garibaldi, inside the Commercial Port of La Spezia. It is a multipurpose platform based on chemical/physical, biological and ultrafiltration processes, able of treating multiple types of waste.
The multipurpose platform, built in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 182 of June 24th, 2003 (implementation of European Directive 2000/59/EC on the collection, management and port reception facilities for ship-generated waste in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention MARPOL 73/78) was built on the basis of several plant sections.

State of the art waste treatment facility in the port of La Spezia

All the wastes are treated by using motive power originated 100% from renewable sources, partly self-produced thanks to its own rooftop photovoltaic power station and partly purchased with certified origin from renewable sources, thanks to an exclusive agreement between Sepor and Repower.

In order to avoid any type of odorous emissions, the platform works completely in a vacuum-sealed environment and the emissions are conveyed into a sophisticated scrubber filtering system and then further treated by an innovative biofilter, placed on the roof, consisting of 250 m³ of bark, compost, shredded wood and peat.

Everyday the company cleans the sea with in-house-built, technologically advanced ecological antipollution vessels.

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