Lead Reclamation Services

Sepor is able to provide a wide range of services for the lead reclamation. We have the expertise, equipment and experience to ensure our customers the very best results regardless of the tank’s characteristics. Since the early 2000s we have equipped with the most modern equipment for the lead reclamation, aimed at minimizing human entry into confined spaces during tank cleaning operations, maximizing the recovery of valuable crude materials and minimizing the waste produced during the cleaning operation.

TEL-TML Decontaminations

Lead Alkyls was used as anti-knocking compound for gasoline for decades before the conversion to “green gasoline”. These highly toxic compounds are recognized as threat to the environment and to human health. As leaded fuels are phased out, the proper decommissioning of the TEL/TML blending plants is becoming necessary for each facility where these plants were in use.

Our experience in the TEL/TML remediation market has helped us develop the necessary expertise and knowledge to deal safely with other highly hazardous materials. Our teams of experts can decommission, decontaminate and dispose plants, facilities and equipment that carry the toxic residues from TEL and other highly hazardous materials. Upon decommissioning we issue a TEL-Free Certification.

On client request, the waste resulting from the activities can be collected, packaged and shipped to an appropriate facility at our own care. We will provide fit for use ONU-certified containers, shipping containers, client’s ADR guidelines on permit issuing, final disposal destination, and the Certificate of Disposal. The intervention is based on internationally accepted standards and the technical solutions adopted are tested, safe, environmentally sound, cost-effective and efficient.

Lead Reclamation Information Request

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