Gas Free Certification

Founded in Italy in 1952, Sepor S.p.A. is a leading company in industrial and naval decontamination and tank cleaning, waste recovery and treatment, pollution prevention as well as land and marine oil spill response.
In addition to the classic tank cleaning operations (i.e. emptying, washing and issuing of a gas free certificate), Sepor is able to provide its customers complementary services such as: the cold cutting of part of the shell and plants, vertical wall washing, packaging, transport and disposal of the waste produced, volumetric reducion of sludge by means of a mobile system, nitrogen purging of the tank, partial or total demolition of the product itself.

Sepor implements of all types of storage tanks

Our company is equipped with the latest "no man entry" technlogies specifically designed to minimize the personnel entry into the tank, minimize the waste production to be sent for disposal, maximize in terms of raw material recovery (hydrocarbons).

Particularly these include the following plants owned by Sepor:

  • a sludge fluidization plant for tanks, a tank cleaning robot for the extraction of sludge from a tank;
  • a robot for the vertical washing of the tank’s shells, a decanting centrifuge system suitable to work in zone 1 (ATEX);
  • a 3-phase decanting centrifuge system (Tricanter) suitable to work in zone 1 (ATEX).

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