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oil recovery oil tank cleaning | SEPOR

The company is capable of dealing with fuel spills in the sea near La Spezia using floating barriers, discoils and, above all, its in-house-built ecological recoil boats.

This is one of the main reasons why Sepor has been appointed (by the Port Authority and the Navy of La Spezia) to carry out the daily collection of solid and oily waste floating in the Commercial and Navy gulf waters.

Through its special First Aid Section, Sepor is capable of responding rapidly to problems, avoiding land and marine pollution caused by fuel leaks.

Lead Alkyls (Tetra Ethyl Lead & Tetra Methyl Lead) was used as an anti-knocking compound for gasoline for decades before the conversion to “green gasoline” all over the world. These highly toxic, poisonous compounds are known threats to the environment and human health. After the phasing out of leaded fuel the proper decommissioning of TEL/TML blending plants has become necessary for each facility where these plants were in use.

Our experience in the TEL/TML remediation market has helped us develop the necessary expertise and knowledge to deal safely with other highly hazardous materials. Equipment contaminated with toxic, explosive, corrosive or highly flammable substances, as well as any combination of these materials, are decontaminated, dismantled and destroyed by providing total turn-key solutions.

Waste generated by our decommissioning and remediation activities are always disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner or transported to a suitable facility following ADR procedures and using suitable containers.

Our teams of experts can decommission, decontaminate and dispose of plants, facilities and equipment that contain toxic residues from TEL , as well as other highly hazardous materials.

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