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industrial cleaning industrial tank cleaning

industrial cleaning industrial tank cleaning | SEPOR

With over fifty years experience we can justifiably state that the company is capable of carrying out the even most difficult tank and vessel cleaning tasks.

Our team of experts will guarantee you clean, gas-free tanks irrespective of their size or the quantity or viscosity of residual products.

Given such a wide range of products in storage, ranging from chemicals to crude oil, it is not surprising that tank cleaning is regarded as a hazardous occupation. However with the correct equipment and training and with the right resources and supervision the problems can be safely overcome.

Safety remains the highest priority in any activity; it is not difficult to appreciate that in tank cleaning, where entry into confined spaces is a necessary part of the activity, selecting the most appropriate equipment and resources is paramount.

The equipment trailers of our crews are the result of over fifty years experience which has resulted in a detailed inventory of pumps, winches, hoses, connections, safety equipment and many other items specifically required for tank cleaning projects.

Sepor uses hydraulically powered pumps that can be placed inside tanks through manholes and then moved around as required.

All equipment is either air or hydraulically-powered to allow working in potentially explosive environments. Our decontamination operations, mainly for the oil sector, are aimed at the storage tanks and production plants where precautionary removal of waste (residues, incrustations, steam and gasses) is necessary in order to either carry out repairs or anticorrosion protection in Gas-free environments.

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