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desludging lead reclamation | SEPOR

Sepor’s mission is a commitment to provide its Clients with the highest possible quality Engineering and Environmental solutions and services, balancing the operational and financial objectives of its clients with the applicable regulatory requirements and the highest possible safety standards.

Consequently, the company’s policy constantly aims at the prevention of accidents at work and diseases, not only in respect of its own employees but also all others involved in worksite activities, as well as environmental protection in terms of minimizing the impact caused by industrial activities.

The management considers safety and environmental issues essential elements of any work process, and not just priority values that can be classified according to their importance as they usually are.

The Sepor oleo-dynamic bulldozer is designed for cleaning large oil storage tanks: it is perfect for safe heavy sludge removal. It is perfect for removing heavy sludge and in final tank cleaning operations to remove waste residues.

The system is certified in accordance with ATEX regulations. Sepor Bulldozer is equipped with rubber tracks and hydraulic drives suitable for work inside oil tanks for breaking and lifting heavy sludge and transporting it to containers placed outside manholes.

This equipment has two track groups linked by cross pieces; a mobile blade with a hydraulic cylinder, a seat for the driver and maneuvering drives that are linked to the cross pieces.

The Sepor oleo-dynamic bulldozer is hydraulically powered. The hydraulic power pack system is located outside the tank and connected to the hydraulic pipes equipped with fast clasps at the ends.

length: mm 3400
width: mm 1000
height: mm 1400
oleo-dynamic power-pack: 22Kw

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