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Usually, heavy sludge deposited in tanks during many years of activity has high percentage of hydrocarbons.

Our equipment allows us to recover up to 90% of the hydrocarbons contained in the sludge.

This means (considering the price of the crude oil and the amount of oil we can recover with our equipment) that most of the time tank cleaning with us is not only a zero cost activity for refineries but may also be a source of profit, as proven by the following equation:

A = value of the oil recovered for a refinery after tank cleaning
B = the tank cleaning cost for the Refinery
C = A – B = Refinery net income

C varies on a case by case basis and depends on the percentage of hydrocarbons present in the sludge.

By using infrared cameras, our technical personnel are able to constantly monitor fluidization progress, to determine when the sludge has totally turned into a fluid and therefore when to determine that the process has been completed.

During all processes our infrared technical personnel will keep our refinery contacts updated with detailed reports regarding fluidization phases; reports are produced every 4/5 hours.

The final phase is to transfer the floating oil to a storage facility made available by the client.

Lastly, after adequate ventilation and safety checks ensure that the tank does not contain any gas, the remaining liquids are pumped out and any sediment is removed for disposal, and then depending on the circumstances:

*a Sepor oleo-dynamic bulldozer is used
* oleo-dynamic pumps with a hopper and feeder screw are used

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