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cleaning oil tanks crude oil tank cleaning

cleaning oil tanks crude oil tank cleaning | SEPOR

SEPOR focuses its activities mainly on the oil industry and provides services directed to minimizing waste contamination, preserving the environment and recovery of valuable fractions of oil waste sediment sludge. SEPOR offers a range of solution for crude oil, fuel oil and slop oil tank cleaning.

The equipment trailers of our crews are the result of over fifty years experience which has resulted in a detailed inventory of pumps, winches, hoses, connections, safety equipment and many other items specifically required for tank cleaning projects.

Sepor uses hydraulically powered pumps that can be placed inside tanks through manholes and then moved around as required.

All equipment is either air or hydraulically-powered to allow working in potentially explosive environments. Our decontamination operations, mainly for the oil sector, are aimed at the storage tanks and production plants where precautionary removal of waste (residues, incrustations, steam and gasses) is necessary in order to either carry out repairs or anticorrosion protection in Gas-free environments.

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