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anti pollution vessel fuel storage tank cleaning

anti pollution vessel fuel storage tank cleaning | SEPOR

Our anti pollution vessels are able to recover and store floating oils, to deposit it into collecting tanks (rec-oil tanks) and to unload it ashore or into lighters by using two submerged pumps (unloading time: 2 hrs).

Recovery of oily water and its transfer to an elevated position regarding the sea level, is obtained by means of two modular skimmers each consisting of a frame with a drum having a diameter of 1,5 m. and a length of 1,6 m.

Our anti pollution vessels are also able to eliminate oily waste on the surface by spraying a mixture of water and dispersant liquid. The capacity of the tanks containing the liquid is 2,000 litres.

Through our anti pollution vessels it is possible to collect solid floating waste by means of rotating metallic ribbon and put it into a container which can be upload by using an oleodynamic turning crane on board.

Sepor has anti pollution vessels to offer a fire-fighting service with 2 pumps, each with a capacity of 50 cu.m. / hour and pressure of 40 m.w.c. and to decontaminate beaches, coasts, jetties and ship sides.

The Optimist can be disassembled, transported by road and re-assembled in just a few hours. Both vessels are certified for national coastal navigation and for the collection of mineral oils with a flashpoint of less than 60°C. These boats with their unique features and components have been patented.

The company, relying on more than 40 years of specialized know-how, is able to engineer and build various kind of recoil vessels in order to satisfy all the requirements and needs of its clients.

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