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Reclamation of containers, tanks and industrial systems

Ash and dust vacuuming

Ash and dust vacuuming Sepor’s mobile vacuum units for ashes and dusts allows the extraction…


NESL TANKSWEEP is an innovative equipment for tankcleaning which allows the cleaning of hydrocarbon storage tanks with the recovery of a large amount of oil.

TEL-TML Decontaminations

TEL-TML Decontaminations Lead Alkyls (Tetra Ethyl Lead & Tetra Methyl Lead) was used as anti-knocking…

Sludge minimization plant

Sepor is able to support its clients in all phases of sludge removal, from characterization analysis to disposal or recovery.

Tank-cleaning robot

In order to maximize safety in tank cleaning, Sepor has equipped itself with two certified robots to operate in ATEX environments.

No man entry and oil recovery solutions

Welcoming the most modern international trends in the field of oil tanks reclamation, Sepor has equipped itself since the early 2000s with the most modern equipment for the reclamation of tanks.

Mobile cold cutting services

Sepor team is able to perform cold cutting services on tanks, pipelines, columns, refineries plants and naval units.