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Sepor’s Port Reception Facility is situated on a self-contained jetty in the commercial port of La Spezia. The plant utilizes two treatment cycles: chemical-physical and biological. The system is completely automated and controlled by a processor with executive and control functions. Tests are carried out immediately at the plant’s laboratory so the liquid can be immediately sent back to storage for further testing in the case of negative results.
Sepor’s plant was built in 1988 and expanded in 1996. It is authorised by ruling n°114 of May 22, 2007 of the Province of La Spezia. Sepor collects and transports the different types of water (industrial, oil and sewage) from and to the plant using its gulley suckers which comply with safety laws (ADR).

Sepor’s port reception facility includes a sterilization plant for the food waste of ships’ galleys where the waste, before being carried to the dump, is treated for destroying possible viruses, bacteria and every form of infective pathology to man and animals.

The company is able to deal with fuel spills in the sea area of La Spezia using floating barriers, discoils and, above all, the in-house-built ecological recoil boats.
This is one of the main reasons why Sepor has been appointed (by the Port Authority and the Navy of La Spezia) to perform the daily collection of solid and oily waste floating in the Commercial and Navy gulf ports.
Through its special First Aid Section Sepor is able to respond rapidly, avoiding terrestrial and maritime pollution caused by fuel leaks.

Sepor operates in the commercial port of La Spezia, serving ships and terminals in accordance with the actual environmental regultions of La Spezia’s Port Authority.
Sepor Spa has more than 30 boats (tug boats, barges and anti-pollution vessels) able to meet the demands of shipowners unloading their ships in the Port of La Spezia. The company, in concession of La Spezia Port Authority in order to satisfy the actual environmental law, collects daily food waste and sewage water from ships, which then are carried to Sepor’s sterilizer and water treatment and plant.
Everyday the company cleans the sea with in-house-built, technologically advanced ecological antipollution vessels.

Sepor using its tanker Salina Bay provides bunker services for the ships moored in the gulf of La Spezia and Carrara harbour.

MMSI: 256487000
IMO: 8013118
Call sign: 9HVP8
Flag: Malta
Vessel type: Tanker
Width: 13 m
Length: 79 m

The ship has a capacity of 2500 tons.