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The Atex decanting centrifuges for the oil recovery

Sepor SpA is equipped with heavy duty centrifuges model M-I Swaco 518 HV.

These high speed decanting centrifuges are particularly effective for on site processing of a wide range of heavy waste oil sludge materials providing cost effective treatment of crude sludge by reclaiming good quality, reusable oil from the waste sludge.

Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial service, the 518 Centrifuges are especially effective in environmentally sensitive areas. They deliver high fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the costs of makeup fluids and disposal.

Sepor’s MI-Swaco 518 centrifuges are Atex certified (Ex II 2 G c IIB T3) and has the authorization from the Provincia of La Spezia for the treatment of hazardous and non hazardous wastes.